Clare Price

Remedial and Holistic Massage Therapy


Do I keep my clothes on?

Patients undress behind a screen, down to their underwear and a towel is provided to cover the body for modesty.

Can I just have a relaxing back massage, when I don’t suffer from any complaints?

Yes, you can just have a relaxing back massage, even if you’re not suffering from any complaints’.  Many patients’ come for a relaxing massage.

What does holistic mean?

‘Holistic’ means treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than concentrating on physical conditions in isolation.

I have really bad pain in my neck, can massage help?

Yes, massage is definitely worth trying for neck pain.  Massage can relax the muscles.  Oxygen and nutrients flow to tight or injured areas, helping to reduce discomfort and promote healing.  It promotes the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

After my massage I felt really strange, why was this?

After a massage you need to drink plenty of water, take things easy and ideally avoid alcohol for the following 12 hours.

What happens to my body during massage that makes it better?

Massage relaxes muscles, it improves the circulation without raising the blood pressure.  It promotes muscle tone and gives a passive stretch to muscles.  It stimulates the nervous and lymphatic system and helps to speed up the repair of damaged tissue.

I don’t like making my head touched… can I still come?

I do not need to touch the patients’ head during the treatment.

Do my clothes get oily afterward?

It is best not to wear your best clothes to an appointment as some oil will remain on the body after a massage, but this is an excellent moisturiser for the skin!

I’m allergic to lots of things, do you use chemicals?

I use sweet almond oil/grapeseed oil and lavender essential oil.

Still unsure of the benefits to you, or another question, just ask Clare!